Housing the voice of the Turkish media

Tabanlioglu's iconic DMC building forms new landmark for Ankara

by James 05 November 2009
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    DMC is planned to be a distinctive media figure in the capital city, housing the Ankara studios of Dogan Media Group and its newspapers’ regional editorial offices, creating the basis of interaction between the brands of the group, and providing a common source.

    Conceptually, DMC is a simple glazed cube in response to an orthogonal site. Configured within a basic planning module of a 4mx4mx4m cube and a structural module of 8mx8mx8m, the purist form has subsequently been remodelled, with the extrusion and attachment of smaller cubes, and simultaneously eroded by the subtraction of other cubic volumes. The building is consequently perceived as a sculptural grouping of related boxes of the same genus but with a variety of sizes, starting on the surface. The concrete structure reaches up to 7 storeys by feasible use of galleries, so that extra operative space is created by mezzanines; the modular structure provides a flexible basis for planning. Intermediate floors are supported on secondary steel columns and beams.

    The building is strongly perceived in diverse ways at various angles. In accordance with topographic directions, the modules on the entrance elevation are slightly angled to enhance the dynamic appearance. The projecting boxes are each dedicated to a specific TV channel or newspaper so that the various units within the conglomerate can be identified from afar.

    A perforated shield, resembling the Braille alphabet at a range of sizes, symbolises 'communications for all'. The emblematic use of the façade creates a visually legible dynamic ambiance with reference to today’s assertive image of the media.

    The metal panels filter the sunlight entering the building into shifting patterns of dappled shade. The panels’ perforations are echoed in the suspended ceilings, where circular cut-outs house connections for camera equipment and lighting. The finishes in the interior draw on the same muted palette of calming colours that is applied to the exterior.

    Composed harmoniously with the environment, the Media Center is open to the cityscape. There is a strong relationship between the interior of the building and the public realm.


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