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Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos design new commercial complex in Cuba

by James Forryan 05 November 2009
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    This proposal has been done from the dialogue between the WTC Accessory International LTDA Brazil and the architects from Aflalo & Gasperini Arquitetos. The intention was to implant in Havana a significant landmark to the establishment of technical and cultural importance of Cuba in the context of the Americas.

    The site implant favours an average building height (180m), occupying a rectangular island near the beach of Havana Club, becoming a small marina. The silhouette of the building with its sloping surface and rounded suggests their emergence from the sea, especially seen from the arrivals browsing. From the city, the volumetry of the building opens up towards the centre, turns its prominent, even seen from this angle.

    The building will contain a shopping center, an area for conventions and events, corporate offices, apartments with hotel service and a hotel about 800 rooms. In its top were provided areas for recreation, restaurants, a terrace gazebo and an helipad. In its base there is a marina, yacht club and pedestrian walkway.To access the building was provided an overpass for vehicles and pedestrian walkway, reaching a height of 20m over the sea to allow access for boats within the Marina. Vessels of larger scale will have their base just outside the Marina next to its entry.

    An special attention was given to the pedestrian connection to the building by the existence of a pier between the Havana Club and the yacht club on a pier along the building, becoming a pedestrian walkway planted with trees. The complex construction area is about 200,000 sq m.


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