All your needs under one roof

Samy Mansour
05 Nov 2009

KEO's 360,000sq m Reem island mall & residences design includes living, shopping and entertainment space

Located on a highly visible location on the Island, the Mall, Residential Towers, Office and Hotel comprise a mixed-use development take inspiration from surrounding natural settings. The relationship of the three uses is envisaged to result in a broad and diverse mix of uses encompassing every aspect of domestic living, work, leisure and recreation.

The brief set required the project to provide an exceptional visual and experiential setting for retail, dining and activity spaces, provide spatial processions that offer memorable journeys to and within the shopping and activity experience and to anticipate future trends in retail and residential marketing strategies by providing an array of facilities and uses that will allow for change and adaptation.

The design effort focused on organizing, positioning and interfacing three primary uses-retail, hospitality & office activity centers into a mutually complimentary spectrum of uses.

The design of the Mall is a conscious departure from the conventional aesthetics of stereotypical mall ‘box’ design that contributes little to exterior street experiences. Inspiration is taken from nature and the contoured, undulating form of sand dunes and waves is referenced in the sculptural and figural quality of the mall.

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