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James Forryan
05 Nov 2009

Schiebel's new production facility and offices in Austria

In summer 2005 'Schiebel', a producer of unmanned aerial vehicles, arranged a strategy competition for a production hall with an integrated office building, representing the identity of the international aviation company. The goal was to developed a unique research and production facility. The design of Project A01 Architects ZT GmbH won the competition and were commissioned to design the building and the interior. The work started in autumn 2005 and lasted until summer 2007.

The building itself should be a statement for the growing high tech company. The black monolithic block for the office volume seems to be floating above the ground. The mirror facade in the ground floor and the blue lighting at night are supporting this impression. The black material is relating to the carbon fibre production in the building. The fabrication methods of the aviation company were used in many aspects of the interior design as well. A reception desk - a wing construction, cantilevering almost 5m - is just one example.

The building is composed of two parts; the office unit is arranged lengthways facing the street and the production hall is located next to the airfield. The office area holds the major administrative functions of production, marketing, research and education. The meeting room is attached to a generous deck for visitors, which is used for airshows. The production area contains 2,000 sq m. The hall holds not only an area for assembly and fabrication of the carbon fibre parts, but also an area for design, development and attendance. The autonomous helicopters are completely developed and manufactured in this facility.

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