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Brazillian cuisine, with a side order of Beatles...

by James 04 November 2009
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    Located in Ipanema, a charming neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, 'Forneria' is a very cozy spotwhere friends meet for a sandwich and a nice talk.Having an informal atmosphere, it is totally tuned with the 'carioca' relaxed spirit and way ofliving. A large rolling door in the front keeps the place widely open to the street - full width, fullheight - just like an extension of the sidewalk, and looking most inviting to the passerby.

    In the entrance, a wood pergola creates a transition area between the hot exterior and the cooledinterior, some few tables in a shadowed yet bright space. The long rectangular salon is dividedlengthwise by an L-shaped counter, tables to one side and an open kitchen to the other.The menu features a long list of pastas, salads, carpaccios and classics of the sandwichuniverse, ranging from tramezzinis made of 'pan de miga' bread to typical Neapolitan breadsbaked in wood-fired ovens.

    After 11pm, Forneria also offers more than six hundred options ofclassic rock ranging from The Beatles to The Clash.


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