Big design in the City of London

Totalling over 76 000 sq m, SOM’s Bishopsgate project leads the way for big London developments

by Samy Mansour 04 November 2009
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    201 Bishopsgate and The Broadgate Tower are the latest additions to the award winning Broadgate development in the City of London. Connected by a public galleria, the two buildings provide potential occupiers with complementary options in regards to floor space; 201 Bishopsgate, a 12-storey structure facing Norton Folgate and Primrose Street, offers spacious floorplates with the flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of fit-out options, while the 35-storey Broadgate Tower presents more compact floorplates and stunning views of London.

    The massing of the development was largely informed by the site itself being newly created land, consisting of a raft that has been constructed over the rail tracks of Liverpool Street station. The structural complexities of the raft require that a “bridge” structural solution is adopted for the tower, with the loads distributed to the bearing portions of the raft through an A-Frame, which also forms the skeleton for the galleria.

    The space will also act as a pedestrian passageway to connect Broadgate and the major transportation hub of Liverpool Street station with the new Shoreditch High Street station.

    201 Bishopsgate and The Broadgate Tower draw their visual strength from expressing their structural systems through stainless steel cladding .The material palette of stainless steel and glass enlivens the facades with an ever-changing interplay of reflections, light and shadows.

    The development marks a new era for Broadgate, providing an innovative and elegant response to complex site constraints while delivering buildings with an “Excellent BREEAM” rating that reflects the commitment of both client and architect to a sustainable and environmentally sound future.

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