Heated skirting boards

Nick Straughan
02 Nov 2009

Low level heating without the need to replace the floor

DiscreteHeat & ThermaSkirt® is the eco friendly heating solution. ThermaSkirt® is a new and innovative way of heating your room. ThermaSkirt® makes the most of a skirting board and radiator and turns it into effective, eco-friendly heating. Designed and manufactured in the UK by DiscreteHeat Company Limited, the system replaces your skirting boards and radiators in one. ThermaSkirt® will work with existing conventional boilers as well as renewables such as solar, ground source and air source heat pumps.

DiscreteHeat's ThermaSkirt® has been tested by BSRIA, fully complies with BS-EN 442 & carries the CE mark and in a like-for-like test against radiators was shown to be at least 13% more energy efficient. With the correct boiler & control system, fuels savings of up to 25% are possible. In test, ThermaSkirt® was proven to be the most efficient form of heating, giving the best uniform heat distribution, with only a ±1°C variation, compared to a radiator with a massive 13°C variation.

The effect of ThermaSkirt® is indistinguishable from under-floor heating in that it heats the room from all sides and at low level, and yet it is as simple to fit as a radiator. As it is as slim and discrete as a skirting board, it takes up no wall or floor space. Because it is above ground, it can be used with any floor construction or covering including timber and carpet and warms up the room quickly. ThermaSkirt® uses a unique aluminium alloy material that is 5 times more effective than steel at passing heat & can run efficiently at temperatures as low as 35°C & as high as 75°C.

DiscreteHeat has developed a complete range of patented push fit components so that any competent DIY enthusiast or local plumber (or joiner!) can fit the system quickly. ThermaSkirt® even connects to existing systems, and is ideal for both new build, extension and refurbishment applications. Over 4,000 systems have been successfully installed to date.

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