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James Forryan
31 Oct 2009

GreenhilLi designs 25 storey boutique office tower

Architects today have to wrestle with climate change and sustainability as the new core values in the buildings we design. We embrace new technologies that assist us with sustainable buildings, but the traditional cues for architects such as environmental & climatic responses should remain fundamental principles.

In responding to a relatively small but central site in Riyadh, GreenhilLi’s design for this 25 storey office tower is sited to the best possible orientation through massing and form. New office spaces layered over a repeated vertical pattern of two storey clustered ‘boxes’ punctuated with external private terraces redefine the culture of the workplace and attracting smaller boutique tenants.

The two storey ‘boxes’ are stacked on top of each other against a solid south facing service core which blocks out the intense sun. Boxes cantilever over each other expressing the offices as individual entities. Each ‘box’ differs from those above & below. Some cantilever out forming an intimate atrium void between the office and service core, whilst others engage the service core directly and form external shaded roof terraces to the front facade.

The 2 short east and west facades are shaded against low altitude sun by the cantilevered roof terraces which offer dramatic views over Riyadh. Each terrace serves one 2 storey ‘box’ offering individual and private breakout amenities for the office tenancies.

The ground plane is elevated above street level over the entire site, separating cars from people and creating an oasis for users. The tower is elevated above, emphasising it’s verticality, improving views and giving prominence to the lobby which is setback from the main road. Reflecting pools and perforated canopies cool this transitional oasis prior to entering the tower lobby and keeping cars along the perimeter but allowing pedestrian access via a bridge and floating cafe/showroom pavilions within the water.

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Saudi Arabia
Commercial Offices

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