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James Forryan
Thursday 29 Oct 2009

Benoy's new shopping mall in Kowloon inspired by Feng Shui

Elements Mall in Hong Kong opened to the public October 2007. Developed by the property arm of MTR Corporation and designed by Benoy, the 82,500 sq m retail complex sits atop the MTR Kowloon Station, which links the mall directly to the International Airport.

After a seven year labour of love, Benoy delivered a retail environment, which embodies the essence of Hong Kong – metropolitan, international, ever-evolving, assured and dynamic.

Central to Benoy’s intention for Elements was, to create a 'sense of place', which was achieved by adapting the Chinese Feng Shui principles of the five elements of nature. This concept was woven throughout the design as a narrative on nature with the external facades and art contributing to the story. These five elements Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal, allowed the creation of five different yet connected retail zones. By introducing the concept of retail zones Benoy addressed the key concern of orientation within the vast mall floor plate. Finishes, signage and public art specific to each zone combine to reflect a distinct element, providing a sense of place within the mall.

Benoy has kept a focus on a design that delivers a holistic experience while simultaneously creating surprising individual experiences. Changing colours shapes and volumes throughout Elements constantly invite visitors to explore their surroundings and 4000m2 of skylights gives the interior more natural daylight than any other mall in Hong Kong.

With public facilities at roof-top podium level, including an open plaza with al-fresco dining and landscaped gardens surrounded by residential serviced apartments, hotels and offices, with catchment area of more than 160,000, Elements is set to become a prime destination in the heart of Hong Kong.

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