Rising to the challenge

In order to improve user interaction BMA create raised buildings on their sustainable Elm green project

by Samy Mansour 29 October 2009
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    Bucholz Mcevoy Architect’s Elm park green project offers the possibility of a new type of urban environment in Dublin, one which is firmly stitched into its natural environment, while fine-tuned to the energy conserving / generating, and functional potential of its components.

    Buildings are lifted off the ground plane, releasing it for use as a public garden, allowing the free flow of plants, animals, water, humans, air and light through it. Buildings are thin, to permit them to be naturally lit, and ventilated. Orientation of buildings is along the north-south axis, giving a clear east, and west elevation, providing for maximum constant daylight to the buildings in the morning and afternoon, opening the site to the surrounding views.

    The ground plane becomes a piece of legible pedestrian city, designed to support person-scale forms of movement and perceptions of space; pedestrians and bicycles have exclusive domain over the ground plane, built elements are deployed to create spaces that people will use and feel comfortable in.

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