BBB’s mountainous mall

Beyer Blinder Belle’s design of an ubiquitous suburban shopping mall takes inspiration from its stunning setting

by Samy Mansour 28 October 2009
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    Originally opened in 1966, the Natick Mall was one of the first enclosed shopping centres constructed east of the Mississippi River. Now, with an upscale addition that accommodates 100 new stores, the mall has been transformed into a high-end shopping centre, utilising form and light to create a dynamic retail environment. The commission called for the firm to add 550,000 sq ft of retail space, while renovating the existing 150,000 sq ft mall and merging it seamlessly with the new construction.

    Natick, an American Indian name who loose translation is “Place of Rolling Hills,” provided the inspiration for a unique design evocative of its setting. A softly undulating arcade ceiling with curved clerestories and expansive skylights that filter in natural light is a direct response to the site’s topography. To further animate the interior, landscape architect Martha Schwartz created a series of transformative vertical elements consisting of hanging canopies of coloured abstract metal.

    Natick mall is part of a 3 million sq ft development including below level parking, over new 100 shops and luxury condominiums

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