British Brick inspires a new form

Tatiana Bou Chahine
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

Weinerchaise received praise at 100% design

andy martin workshop has sold the first piece of the‘weinerchaise’ editions after receiving high praises at100% design, where the chair was exhibited as part of the100% inspiration feature.

The ‘weinerchaise’ is a result ofAndy Martin’s response to the brick as an inspirationalobject: “It is such an iconic British building material and Ithought it worth pursuing for inspiration. Individually abrick seems characterless but with others has the possibilityto be poetic,” says Martin.

It is constructed entirely ofextruded and wire cut bricks using the thin set joint methodand resin bonding. The bricks are stacked and bondedaccurately in a mould and once set carved by hand to thedesigned shape. The piece was produced with the help ofWienerberger bricks, the world’s largest and mostinnovative brick manufacturers.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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