Expressive and dynamic residence hall

KHR arkitekter
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

Cast concrete façade sheds inspiration on student halls

In Hedorf Residence Hall in Frederiksberg, KHR arkitekter shows that buildings cast in concrete can be both creative and inspiring.

Inspired by the bay windows at classic Frederiksberg apartments KHR has designed a geometrically shaped bay window, which creates an expressive and dynamic façade. The bay windows are placed above the floor to give more spacious and dynamic apartments.

A small triangular window in the top corner of the bay window with the broad concrete wall placed behind gives the building a slim expression. The windows also have a kaleidoscopic effect where the expression of the building changes according to where you stand. From one side the façade opens up with windows, from the other side the closed bay windows with their organic movement characterize the building. Thanks to the bay windows there is a play of colors between light and shadow all day independent of the light. And the wave motion on the façade makes the hard material appear soft and organic.

Hedorf Residence Hall has 4 floors with a total of 52 one bed apartments. Each floor has a common kitchen where the students can meet, cook and socialise.

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