St Veit greets the vibrant Blumenhalle

30 Sep 2009

Multifunctional events space arrives in Austrian city

On the outskirts of St Veit and just minutes from Klagenfurt airport, the Blumenhalle is a flexible and versatile venue offering a total floor space of 2000 sq m and accommodating up to 1000 guests. Open since June 2009 the building has already hosted a variety of events from management skills coaching to a folk singers’ concert.

Designed by the Italian and Austrian partnership frediani+gasserarchitettura, the exuberant exterior and bold use of colour make the building a central feature of the landscape. Irregularly organised yet linear blocks of colour add movement, bringing the facade to life.

The glass ground floor beneath the red and blue cube brings natural light and shadow into the 450sq m foyer which includes a bar, laptop connections and internet access. The building is also equipped with a rehearsal room, dressing rooms and wardrobe area, making it suitable for everything from banquets to fashion shows.

But it is the interior which makes the Blumenhalle truly flexible. The contrast between white panelling and concrete and dark wood is stark and gives the impression that the space is a blank canvas. Here the focal point will always be the event and its surroundings are allowed to melt away. frediani+gasserarchitettura’s project concept describes this sensation thus: “When the cube is living the square becomes crowded, busy, explosive. Otherwise it’s silence.”

Sound-absorbing elements in the banqueting hall, comprising sloping wall structures and plasterboard tracks suspended from the ceiling, were designed by the prominent Austrian acoustician, Karl Bernd Quiring.

The Blumenhalle is another modern addition to the medieval architecture of St Veit which also boasts the 'Fuchspalast' Hotel St Veit by the school of Fantastic Realism painter, Ernst Fuchs. Built at a cost of approximately 3.3 million Euros, it is part of a project to encourage greater diversity in visitors to the region which is currently primarily a destination for summer holidays, sailing and hiking.

Vikki Graves

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