Philips Lumiblade presents unique OLED lighting

Nick Straughan
Monday 28 Sep 2009

Putting imagination to work for cutting-edge hospitality, residential and retail spaces

The new innovations are the first result of co-creation processes that Philips is participating in to explore the many ways this easy-to-integrate and highly decorative form of solid-state lighting can be used.

An ‘outside the box’ light source
OLEDs, as a type of lighting, are really ‘outside the box’. Aside from providing a very unique type of illumination, they can function as an actual element of design.

Sustainable and inspiring
All of the concepts, first presented at 100% Design, are based on Philips’ Lumiblade technology, incorporating glowingly radiant OLED light panels. These unique light sources are a key focus of Philips’ current solid-state lighting research and development activities, and are making it possible to create completely new types of lighting experiences. “OLEDs combine remarkable energy efficiency with amazing potential in terms of interactivity, colour ambience and mood-setting,” says Kristin Knappstein, Business Development Manager at Philips Lighting. “And all this in a form that is light, flat and transparent. This means that OLEDs are not only highly sustainable, they also open the way to new types of applications that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

Discover the possibilities …
The four concepts represent widely varying types of implementation ideas that use OLEDs in uniquely different ways. The Lumiblade Markerlight is specially designed to ‘lead’ people on a voyage of discovery. In the Lumiblade Reflections concept, your own mirror image interacts with light in utterly unexpected ways. Lumiblade Mr Ed illustrates how OLEDs can give decorative images an extra dimension of high-design impact. The Lumiblade Glow concept presents light as an element that actually responds to you. All of the concepts can be used to create highly distinctive effects in hospitality and retail environments, as well as in homes.

‘Certified’ Design
Visitors can also get a video preview of the amazing Lumiblade Mirrorwall. Philips is proud of this unique concept – designed by London-based design studio random international & recently premiered in Milan: Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich - has accepted it for inclusion in their prestigious collection – a true mark of recognition from the international design community. A limited edition of the Lumiblade Mirrorwall will be available from October onwards.More info...

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