NZIA launch urban manifesto

Friday 04 Sep 2009

'Shaping our places' submitted to New Zealand Parliament

President of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), Richard Harris, this week announced the submittal of the publication, Shaping our places: a manifesto for the Built Environment, to Parliament.

“Shaping our places is timely because our towns and cities are falling short of what they could be. We have to do better, and we can do better. Consistently building great places to live, work and play is critical to our prosperity as a nation,” Harris said.

The NZIA produced publication Shaping our places is a guide for New Zealand’s towns and cities acting as a stake in the ground stating NZIA’s position on five key concepts: community, sustainability, affordability, heritage, and urban design. It provides the value case for good practical design highlighting notable New Zealand buildings and places.

“More than ever we need to pay closer attention to how we develop our towns and cities particularly as the government commits billions to infrastructure development. Shaping our places is intended to spark discussion, debate, and influence at all levels of decision making on this defining subject.

“This is something which we care about because it has huge economic, social, environmental and cultural implications – both positive and negative. Our aim is well functioning urban environments for New Zealanders that are efficient, productive and great places to live, work and visit. With 85 percent of New Zealanders living in urban environments, these decisions have real consequences for all of us.

“This is where Shaping our places can help,” Harris said.

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