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Birgit Woehrle
21 Jul 2009

First German certificates awarded for sustainable buildings

The first certificates for sustainable buildings have been awarded by the German Sustainable Building Council following the certificate's launch in January.

Among the recipients, and receiving the bronze award are Gerd Priebe Architects & Consultants with their recently completed workspace at Saegeling Medizintechnik.

The certificates are awarded based on ecological quality, economical quality, socio-cultural and functional quality technical quality which were all considered in the decision to award the new office situated in the existing complex of medicalequipment developers in Heidenau, Germany. Thecurved shape of the two storey building has been designed to integrate with thesurrounding buildings and exterior environment.

Based on the existing small scale building structure of the neighbourhood, the architects designed an elegantly curved two storey building structure that despite its deliberate unique form fits harmoniously into the existing city planningcontext.

Aspects of sustainability were considered from the start of planning andplayed an integral part in the design. Integral planning, user comfort, visual comfort,acoustical comfort and thermal comfort were incorporated in detail. The spacious andopen character of the new building manifests itself on the east side where the curvingglass façade envelopes a secluded outdoor space which visually flows into the indoorspace. The glass façade dominates and communicates a heightened sense of opennessand light flooded spaces. Two functional areas divide the building. To the south, thereception area or “public space” welcomes visitors and leads them through a two storeylobby which doubles as event space. Adjoining the area on the ground floor is a meetingroom for clients and in the upper storey a gallery is located. The “internal” functions aresituated on the north side of the building. Here, individual office space as well as a copyroom and a generous open office area are integrated into the design.

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