Clarifying a grey area

Thursday 16 Jul 2009

The black box with green credentials

Water is becoming an area for global concern as populations increase and societies develop and the UK is not excluded. This is a problem compounded by the fact that “almost one third of the water we use, after being treated to what is among the best drinking water quality standards in the world, at significant financial and environmental cost, is simply used to flush our toilets.” - the UK Government’s water strategy (Future Water) document published in 2008.

Conveniently and coincidentally, personal bathing from baths and showers (or grey water), similarly accounts for approximately on third of daily water usage. Using the latter to flush the former is therefore a potential water reuse solution… aquatic yin and yang.

However, one only has to hark back to student halls, or bathing babies in the bath to realise that many an unpleasant material can be washed down a plug hole, thus any solution has to be able to treat potentially harmful bacteria. The HydroCyc™ greywater recycling unit from DPS has been in development for two years and does just that.

The HydroCyc™ is a compact and affordable technology which offers significant economic and environmental benefits with potentially huge global positive impact. These benefits include:


• Lower water and sewage bills when water meters are present – savings represent up to 33%
• Economical to run
• Online filter media washing means very low maintenance and limited user interface
• Operates with existing market biocides


• Technically robust and proven product based on established oil & gas technology
• Operationally fail safe
• Compact design and simple installation (standard push fittings to connect inlet)
• Cost effective ‘black box‘ contribution towards higher Code for Sustainable Homes level and assists with proposed Building Regulations changes
• Can treat and manage rainwater as well.

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