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Niki May Young
Friday 10 Jul 2009

Duplex designs added into the mix for New Orleans regeneration

Some of the top names in architecture are combining their efforts to 'Make It Right' in New Orleans. As eight of the single family unit homes from designs released last year by such firms as Adjaye Architects and Morphosis complete, the race is on to create multi-family residences to house yet more sufferers of the New Orleans floods. The challenge has been embraced by fourteen firms, eight of which have not previously worked with the charity.

Gehry Partners of LA, Atelier Hitoshi Abe of Japan, Bild Design of New Orleans, Buildingstudio/Coleman Coker of New Orleans, Elemental of Chile, Kappe Architects/Planners of Los Angeles, Waggonner & Ball of New Orleans and William McDonough + Partners of Charlottesville will join six further firms who were involved in the designs of the single family units. Billes of New Orleans, BNIM of Houston, Constructs of Ghana, Graft of Germany, MVRDV of The Netherlands and Pugh & Scarpa of Los Angeles have signed up to round two of the architectural challenge.

Make It Right was founded by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt in 2006 as a reaction to the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. The Foundation aims to create affordable quality housing on a large scale to help the victims of the floods and to create lasting communities. The efforts are based on principles of sustainability and each of the duplex designs integrates solar-power combined with landscaping and orientation to maximize exposure to sunand shade and cut heating and cooling costs.

“Before the storm, there were a number of duplexes and doubles in the neighborhood," said Make ItRight Executive Director, Tom Darden. "Families who want to come back to the Lower 9th have been asking us to build them so extended families can live together. And duplexes are right in keeping with Make It Right’s mission: They allow more people to live together with less impact on the environment and are more cost-effective to build.

“To help us, we turned to some of the best architects in the business. They volunteered theirtime, met with the community and potential homeowners and applied their experience and creativity tocome up with high quality designs that really advance the concept of the duplex."

The first two duplexes are scheduled to break ground mid-August.

Niki May Young
News Editor

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