Monday 06 Jul 2009

Carmody Groarke's 7 July Memorial completes in time for remembrance services

52 steel pillars stand erected in London's Hyde park, one for every person killed during the terror attacks in London on this day four years ago. Completed in time for commemorations today, the plaque accompanying the Carmody Groarke created memorial reads simply, ‘In memory of those killed in the London bombings' and lists each person by name.

The pillars (or stelae) are arranged in four inter-linking clustersreflecting the four separate locations of the tragic incidents – Tavistock Square,Edgware Road, Kings Cross, and Aldgate. Each pillar is inscribed in a font specifically developed for the memorial, with the date, time and location of the bombings. 26 for Kings Cross at 08:50, 6 for Edgware Road at 08:50, 7 for Aldgate at 8:50 and 13 for Tavistock Square at 09:47.

Constructed from solid-cast, long-lastingstainless steel, each stele measures 3.5 metres high and will be unique, withindividual characteristic finishes brought about by the casting process. Through thechoice of materials and the memorial’s robust nature, it has been designed to standfor many generations.

The £1million design was developed with the families of the victims and Angel of the North Sculptor Antony Gormley. The Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as senior political figures, will be joining the families today at the unveiling. A spokesperson for the families said: “This Memorial is a fitting tribute, honouring the 52 lives lost on 7 July 2005, ensuringthat the world will never forget them. It represents the enormity of our loss, both on apersonal and public level. We hope this Memorial will speak to visitors, so they canunderstand the impact of these horrific events.”

Niki May Young
News Editor

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