Playground for the public

Tuesday 23 Jun 2009

New children's play area for Boadilla del Monte

The project was to solve the integration of a tilted field of 1,072 m2, including renovation of the existing play area. While only allowed open structures, they wanted to create a large game room, airy and cool, which would also integrate the existing pavilion. Use of colour, the architects aware of its importance in child development, contributes to defining a balanced and stimulating atmosphere.

Developing on the longitudinally existing structure of the pavilion, the new shade has been designed as a sequence of different spaces dedicated to the game.

The cover of the new canopy is composed by a sequence of channel-beams folded into sheets of 3mm thick, overlapping along the entire length of the deck every 50cm, channelling rain water and protecting from solar radiation.

The structure, with no diagonals, disappears between two sheets of polycarbonate, thereby creating a smooth and translucent membrane.

To facilitate visual control, visibility extends to the maximum horizontal area of the courtyard, where play areas are defined by a fence-abacus, inviting children to play together without perceived barriers. A landscape of small rubber hills and miscellaneous playground items created especially for the completed project provides space for recreation.

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