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Wednesday 13 May 2009

Rijn Ijssel building officially opened today

While students have been enjoying Rijn IJssel’s new location at Middachtensingle 2 in the Arnhem neighbourhood Presikhaaf since Janurary, Marja van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart, Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands, will today officially open the new building.

The building is a symptom of a new impulse for modern skill oriented education in the Netherlands. Architectural practice LIAG designed a transparent building with an open character for Rijn IJssel regional training centre – one that offers a safe and pleasant educational environment for students and staff. The building is consistent with Rijn IJssel’s educational vision and core values and includes the latest technology providing a hub for all students.

Designed by architect Erik Schotte, the building offers the surroundings space to look in from outside. With the ample overhangs of the upper storeys, the interplay of lines formed by the floors and the large glass surfaces, the building has a striking charisma. The public areas are spaciously designed. The four floors are interconnected by playfully located expansive stairways.

Work islands have been created around the stairs where computers are available. All educational landscapes can be accessed via the stairs that are open to each other, thereby further accentuating the transparent character of the building.A good educational environment contributes to high quality education. Modern competence based education is largely practice-based, making it important that the students, aside from being in a school building where they acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge and basic skills, can also spend time there with school friends and feel at home and proud of their school community. The goal of this new development was therefore not only the improvement of the educational offering, but also a better identification for all users. A building that can serve as a showpiece for the school and fits with a strategy, in which cooperation with the practical field plays an important part.

The building is compact so that the surface area of the facade is minimised. The column structure enables flexible use giving it and extended functional life span. The planning also includes provisions in the area of sustainability in accordance with the sustainable development checklist. In particular the installed Heat-Cold installation. A few other examples from this checklist are: the application of high frequency fittings and presence detection for the lighting in the rooms, and the indoor climate that is controlled depending on usage.

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