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James Forryan
Tuesday 05 May 2009

KMD completes new hospital designed for the 21st century woman

Designed to comply with strict height and bulk limitations the CHA Women’s Hospital brings to a dense, suburban Seoul neighborhood a sleek, gleaming, modernist building to attract avant-garde, Korean women comfortable with, and demanding the prevailing aesthetic of high-couture shops, spas, hair salons and restaurants sweeping Asian capitals today.

The Hospital encompasses all aspects of women’s health and maternity services from in-vitro fertilization to a chic line of maternity and children’s clothes, again to satisfy a unique market niche.

Both inside and out, the design focus is on creating sleek, uncluttered surfaces to offer patients and visitors a respite from the surrounding neighborhood’s visual noise. The organic, flowing interior offers warmth with a central, curved vertical wood slat wall flowing from top to bottom, connecting various functional areas and natural gathering spaces for patients, families and friends.

A variety of open-air areas foster natural interaction and relaxation and the rooftop features a diverting and restful sky garden. Patient room windows rely on a dot pattern of changing densities to filter light and provide privacy while keeping interiors bright.

The primary goal of the design and planning team was to enhance the hospital experience through the maximization of daylight for greater inpatient outcome, as well as staff and visitor satisfaction. A second, equally important goal was the introduction of natural forms, plants, materials and water features throughout the hospital. As a result all floors provide accessible and day-lit respite areas for patients, staff and visitors alike.

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