Bowden Village Masterplan decided

Duncan Bainbridge
Tuesday 21 Apr 2009

HASSELL/Parsons Brinckerhoff Project Team win prestigious contract

Adelaide’s most sought-after Transit Oriented Development (TOD) site, Bowden Village, on the 10.25ha former Clipsal Industries site, has been appointed to HASSELL and Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB) consortium. They will now work with the principal stakeholder group, led by the Land Management Corporation (LMC) to prepare the Masterplan. The HASSELL/PB proposal won from a stellar field of over twenty tenderers, representing a mix of South Australian, interstate and overseas teams.

The Bowden Village Masterplan Project represents a rare opportunity to create a sustainable, liveable new community – an internationally regarded transit-oriented development (TOD) and a ‘flagship’ that will set new benchmarks for future urban development in South Australia.

“This was a terrific response and I am delighted because this is one of the most important master planning exercises we will undertake in South Australia. The project will involve the planning and delivery of a sustainable mixed-use development incorporating residential living, commercial and retail uses and public open space,” said Infrastructure Minister Patrick Conlon.

“We want a plan based around rapid-transit, with people living and working in an energy and waterefficient development, with an affordable and broad range of housing to accommodate a growing population. That’s the challenge which the Hassell/PB team will face,” he said.

HASSELL/PB will commence the project immediately and will work with the principal stakeholder group: Land Management Corporation (LMC), Department For Transport Energy and Infrastructure (DTEI), Department of Planning and Local Government (DPLG) and the City of Charles Stuart on preparatory work for commencing the master planning study, including a community engagement program, details of which will be made available soon.

The master planning process will run through to October 2009.

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