Step up for Madrid architecture

Niki May Young
16 Mar 2009

Commercial building innovation dominates in Madrid's Las Tablas

Rafael de La-Hoz was presented with the strategic challenge of designing a campus to house 14,000 employees of Telefonica, the third largest telecommunications company in the world. Recently completing the headquarters in Madrid, the design reflects both the scale and success of the organisation through architectural expression.

Four identical phases with three concentrated buildings are placed in the corners of the site creating watchtowers defining the campus perimeter. The 390,000 sq m site, holding administration, restaurants, clinic and gymnasiums, all equally placed at all phases of the perimeter, and the working office space.

A unique special glass system-created only for this project- and an extensive protective and sun accumulator overhang top prevent a scattered perception of the complex. The conjuncture produces a unifying effect to mimic Telefonica's working practice - a unique building to reflect a unique company created through a long process of studying the liabilities, necessities and objectives definitions. Conceptual flexibility in the homogeneous architecture creates both a high financial value and a strong architectural definition.

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