A modern learning environment

James Forryan
Friday 27 Feb 2009

Henning Larsen build a school for vocational learning in Norway

Jåttå Vocational School of Stavanger is designed like a little town within the town, featuring a vibrant main street surrounded by independent ‘urban areas’ with subjective learning environments.The heart of the school – the main street with auditorium, canteen and resource centre – melts into a fluid course with green views of atriums and a roof garden as well as of workshops and spheres of educational activity. The sequence of ramps and stairways leads from the entrance into the house, and through the auditorium it reaches the roofscape with its view of the surrounding landscape and the fjord.

Jåttå Vocational School is one of the most modern school buildings in Norway, providing the framework for new teaching methods. The open and varying spatial sequences permit teaching methods adapted to various situations and systems. In this way the school functions like a modern place of work with large open teaching environments and workshops for special subjects.

The central hall holds the big open auditorium, the canteen, the library and the resource centre. The adjacent individual departments have zones for teaching as well as concentration, thus complying with the new teaching principles for individually adapted teaching methods.

The building is situated in close contact with the surrounding landscape and sports ground and forms the entrance to the new Stavanger quarter adjacent to the fjord. The exterior materials of the building are light and double high windows allow the daylight into the building, stimulating the learning process. The concentrated design enhances the way the building interacts with its surroundings and thus underlines its proximity and transparency.

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