Glass box suspended from ground

Ulisses Morato
18 Feb 2009

The project expresses the antithesis between culture and nature

This project was developed for a land in the mountains, in the surroundings of Nova Lima – MG. The choice of the land was determined by the extensive landscape found there. The concept of this project was to articulate volumes from transparent to opaque, according to the use of the involved ambience.

The social areas are sheltered by glass volumes, which enable a generous interaction with the natural environment. The intimate areas are sealed by conventional brick walls torn by glass shafts. The material support was chosen according to local availability: glass, concrete, ceramics and metal pieces. The technology for the construction is related to the chosen material and to the stage of local techniques. The visual identity of the house accentuates the differences between natural and cultural orders. In this sense “what belongs to men” and “what belongs to nature” are mutually appreciated by the contrasting relationship.

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