Hedge House Eco-Home

Alan Crawford
Thursday 05 Feb 2009

Planning permission granted for eco-home in West London

The proposals remove the existing garage shed and erect a double basement and ground floor dwelling that enhances its surroundings while maintaining the character of the area. The scheme is carefully designed to respect its context, with most of the accommodation at basement and sub-basement levels and the bulk of the home concealed behind the existing hedge.

By paying careful attention to the site’s exposure to the sun throughout the day and optimising the windowand lightwell positions we have significantly reduced the requirements for artificial lighting. Care has been taken to plan the thermalmassing carefully; the above ground structure of the house is to be constructed from brick while the basement and ground floor slabs areto be of concrete. This arrangement stores heat from the sun during the day, and releases it at night.

The living area will be located within the basement, with bedrooms in the sub basement, to which light will be provided via two full height lightwells immediately to the east and west of the building.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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