A Dutch treat for New Yorkers

Sharon McHugh
Friday 30 Jan 2009

UN Studio to build dramatic pavilion in NYC

Dutch architect Ben van Berkel has been selected to design a 5,000 sq ft pavilion in NYC to mark the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in New York Harbor. To be built at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan, the New Amsterdam Plein and Pavilion, as it is named, will be unique among the city’s many public spaces – a landscaped intermodal transportation hub of the 21st century, where bicycles, buses, the subway and water transportation intersect with cultural offerings in a singular expression of daring but lyrical design.

The pavilion, whose form has been likened to an “X”, a flower opening and a windmill depending on ones point of view, will have openings on three of four sides and house an information center, café and restrooms. The materials have not yet been selected, but van Berkel told the Architect’s Newspaper that it would be white with a changing LED display.

To be permanently installed by September, the pavilion is expected to spruce up and enliven the Peter Minuit Plaza, a highly trafficked area that receives 5 million people annually, including 70,000 daily commuters.

New York-based Handle Associates is the local architect for the project.

Sharon McHugh
US Correspondent

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