Engineering great dies

Niki May Young
21 Jan 2009

Borge Johannes Ramboll dies, age 96

Borge Johannes Ramboll, civil engineer, dr.techn and Founder of the global engineering consultancy Ramboll, has passed away at the age of 97 leaving a legacy of an 8000 strong company operating in 24 countries.

As one of the founding fathers and through his lifelong commitment to the company, Borge Ramboll shaped Ramboll’s ethical values and holistic business philosophy. Ramboll CEO Flemming Bligaard Pedersen commented: “His never failing belief in striving for realising people’s good intentions has left a very deep impression on the company.”

B J Ramboll was not only respected as an engineer, but also as a writer, photographer, devoted social debater and teacher. From 1945, alongside his teaching at the Technical University of Denmark, he founded and ran the engineering consultancy firm Ramboll & Hannemann together with fellow professor Johan Georg Hannemann. Initially, the two engineers and professors designed and erected broadcast towers and transmitters in Denmark and Norway. Through organic growth during the 1970s and 1980s, the consultancy firm came to include services on projects such as bridges, buildings, energy and environment, information technology, management consulting and oil and gas.

Also during the 1970s the founding partnership made an important decision for the long term future of the company by establishing the Ramboll Foundation, an employee ownership scheme whereby the partners transferred their shares for the financial and commercial benefit of the company, its employees or the communities it serves.

Among other things, B J Ramboll was a member of the Academy for the Great Arts seeking to further the role of arts in Danish society as well as functioning as the government's advisor in artistic matters, and the Academy for Technical Science which seeks to promote the technical-scientific research and its usage for the benefit of Danish society.Ramboll CEO Flemming Bligaard Pedersen added: “The world of engineering has lost a friend, a great visionary and caring human being has left us.”Borge Johannes Ramboll was born on 30 May 1911 and died on 16 January 2009.

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