Dynamic new store for Nike

Sean Collins
Tuesday 23 Dec 2008

Nike's global design concept brands London store

Nike’s Westfield London store reflects the development of Nike’s new global store design concept. Developed initially in the USA this has now been rolled out globally with the UK leading the way with the largest programme of store openings in this guise. The aim is to reflect on Nike’s image as a world leader in sportswear as well as their sports heritage.

The main entrance takes the form of a ‘concrete’ portal incorporating a large sliding timber door taking inspiration from a baseball stadium door. The front of the store is an ‘Induction Zone’, where the use of both audio and visual elements brings real dynamism to the entrance, immersing the consumer whilst providing a sense of anticipation and compression like coming under the stadium onto the field.

Once immediately past the entrance and ‘Induction Zone’ the store opens out into a vista of products and services. In contrast the main shop floor is well illuminated and dynamic with high ceilings. Along with the simple shop fittings comprised of wood and steel appropriately named ‘hurdles’ and through the use of materials, the shop floor conjures up images of a sports hall or a gymnasium to provide strong visual cues to Nike’s track & field heritage and passion for sporting innovation. Nike’s heritage is subtly expressed though the use of materials from the company’s archive.

The honest use of materials throughout the concept also supports Nike’s passion for the environment and sustainability. Part of the floor is in Nike Grind, a rubber surface made entirely from ground up recycled trainers collected and processed through Nike’s ‘Reuse A Shoe’ programme. Old footwear collected in stores is taken away to be processed and recycled to provide surfaces for children’s playgrounds, sports courts and football pitches.

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