Prefabricated house offers "architectural quality" at low cost

by Niki May Young 11 December 2008


ONV house was designed with the ambition of creating an architectural quality house at an affordable price. The result is a beautiful, up to date and simple wood house, which is suitable for vacation as well as year-round house for the modern family.

The ONVhouse is produced in six different variations which are based on the same plan solution to reduce costs. It has a furnished kitchen, bathroom, a utility room if necessary, and one or two rooms - the bigger room can be devided into two rooms - plus a large living room with access to a roofed terrace.

The facade can be installed with louvers which can either block the sun in the dining area or shelter the terrace prolonging the season for outdoor living.

The house is delivered fully assembled ready to be mounted on the base and then the horizontal strip cladding of Siberian larch is added. It is a highly insulated, healthy wood construction, which is also both rational and resource-minimizing compared to traditional houses.


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