Vertically differentiated furniture gallery

Studio Twist's unconventional showcase strategy for Shanghai Design Center

by Lip Chiong 09 December 2008 Interior
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    Annie Chung, director of Studio Twist, has completed the interior master-planning and design for a 3,000 sq m furniture showroom and museum in Shanghai comprising high-end European furniture brands Cassina, Flos, Zanotta, Cecotti, Acerbis, Extremis, Danese, Brand van Egmond, Limited Edition and Santambrogio. The design challenges the convention of linear segregated spaces for furniture showrooms by introducing vertical spatial variations, creating a fluid and interconnected showcase space within an existing unused concrete factory building.

    The interior was designed as a series of inter-related 3-dimensional spaces, resulting in new possibilities for furniture display. The vertical height of the existing factory building was fully utilized – new levels are introduced, resulting in platforms of various heights used as specific areas for each brand. On the ground floor, the main circulation level at 1.5m height is planned with a main axis that penetrates the whole building, allowing an overview and choice to the visitor when moving through different furniture display zones. Due to the fluidity of space and the levels, a variety of visual connections are made between the display spaces and the exterior landscapes. This strategy creates surprises for the users as they roam through the space, resulting in an increase of interaction between visitors and the display.


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