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walter antin
Monday 08 Dec 2008

New residential work from Beilinson Gomez Architects PA

This oceanfront house in the Altos Del Mar district of Miami Beach utilizes the full extents of its site by creating a site perimeter envelope at the lot setback lines and then organizing both exterior and interior spaces within that perimeter frame, creating semi-exterior spaces between the marked envelope and the interior spaces. Programmatically, this creates a public zone to the East (on the ocean) and a private / bedroom zone to the west (on Atlantic Way), and provides all of the interior spaces with a dramatic adjacency to vertical spaces that are exterior, yet still within the perimeter frame of the site. The amount of square footage that is removed at this second level is then stacked above as a third level penthouse.Beilinson Gomez Architects PA received the Merit Award in the “Unbuilt Work” category of the 2008 AIA Miami Chapter Design Awards for this project.

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