House touches the sky

Apollo's charming new city residence

by James Forryan 28 November 2008
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    The client, a couple in their thirties, the husband being an engineer for a major communication company, love football and fishing, the wife is a gastronome editor for a cooking website company, she also loves cooking.The couple is usually work driven; they both seek to relax their body and soul by lounging around watching the day pass by.

    “If possible we would like a lifestyle like a cat and lie down” said the owners; they seem to have a good understanding of a luxurious lifestyle. The one storey project had started on a rarely large site situated within Tokyo. The husband had requested a wood fired stove, the wife a kitchen that would be superior to a commercial kitchen. This was how the planning of a 'high-sensed' modern residence commenced, the project finally being realised early in 2008.


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