Temporal space

Tokyo house offers new scenery with every step

by Ken'ichi Otani 28 November 2008
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    The site is located in a dense residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo where exterior wall of houses and fence are constructed along their lot boundary rejecting human communication between the houses and the street.

    This is an experimental project to design a house taking in the atmosphere of surrounding environment, especially the front streets, to the building site and creating a new environment by adding a house on the site. At the same time, the interior was designed under the constraints of a small building lot in the suburban environment and a small volume defined by the exterior façade.

    There are four layers of different characters, such as space like an alley, space like a curved cave which can’t be seen through, a spacious room with high ceiling, and a place like deck float to view silhouettes of high-rise buildings.

    By continuing and layering spaces of different characteristics in the building, one experiences physical and psychological sense of distance. The gap in experiencing different spaces with time can expand the frame of limited spaces.


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