Kiwi copper home brings the drama

James Forryan
Friday 28 Nov 2008

Dramatic response on Auckland’s west coast

The design of this weekend house needed to respond to small and large numbers and a range of ages, from babies to the very courageous septuagenarian owners. A strong landscape required an equally strong architectural response.

The Kaipara Harbour is a dangerous place. It has been the burial ground for a number of ships from the early days of trade and settlement in New Zealand. CCCA has nodded to the region’s rich maritime history with this house. As a response to the site, the house is conceptually a number of upturned hulls nestled in the sand - ‘rusting’ hulks which continue to weather in this harsh coastal environment. Copper cladding is cut away in some areas to reveal the interior of the house, while timber portal framing is reminiscent of early sailing ships. The large scale interior spaces relate to the expansive coastal setting.

This house is an exploration of the notion of ‘form finding’ as opposed to form making - the idea that an appropriate architecture emerges out of its context.

Key Facts:

New Zealand

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