A vertical promenade

Corner terrace in Singapore invokes visions of M.C. Escher.

by James Forryan 18 November 2008
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    Located in a modest residential neighbourhood in equatorial Singapore, this 4,500 sq. ft. semi-detached house allows one to climb all over the house and look into it without leaving it. An ‘Escher-esque’ ribbon staircase winds round the courtyard revealing spaces that are at once private and open. A sense of a vertical promenade is experienced as views and spaces of different character unfolds as one walks around and up the house.

    The first flight of the staircase suspends one in midair, poised between the garden courtyard on one side and the external landscape on the other. There is a sense that one is neither inside the house nor outside it. The roof of the staircase forms another staircase that allows one to explore the house in a different direction.

    A small air-well placed to naturally ventilate and light up the bathrooms also acts as a vertical flue inducing drafts through all the levels of the house with the slightest openings of the external windows. This air-well, finished with a myriad palette of colour mosaics, brings about a wonderful play of light into the bathrooms.


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