Towering ahead with green design

Dinastía competition, a comprehensive mixed-use, residential and commercial project

by Carlos Pascal 17 November 2008 Urban design


The main objective of “Residential Dinastía” is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly architecture that also comply with the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards. The four apartment towers will have a distance of 40 meters between each other in order to capitalize the North and north-west views and therefore with less terrain impact.

The spatial organization, which goes from the public to the private, will give to the shopping center a pedestrian integration with the street that will not interfere with the residents privacy.

Regarding the common areas it was decided to make them independent in each tower in order to use the rooftops and leaving another free section at the bottom: this concept, of building only at the center of the terrain, will allow to have more green areas and, at the same time, so that it has not have to be build all at once, but according to each project stage.

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