Dexter Moren wins for sustainability

Jacqui Labb
Friday 14 Nov 2008

Euston Travelodge 'most sustainable hotel' at 2008 European Hotel Design Awards

Dexter Moren Associates has been awarded Sustainable Hotel Design of the Year for Euston Travelodge at the 2008 European Hotel Design Awards.

The new 150 bed Travelodge not only achieves an innovative design for a budget hotel, it is one of the UK’s first built examples of a foundation pile integrated ground source heat exchange system, providing 14.6% of the entire developments energy requirements. The ground source system has also been ‘future proofed’, allowing for possible integration into a future district scheme.

Located on the prominent corner of Eversholt Street & Grafton Place, the building envelope is wrapped in a vertically seamed bronze rain screen cladding system & sto render.

A green roof system adds to the ecological value and provides attenuation to surface water runoff. Sustainable Urban Drainage reduces the potential for flooding and helps protect and enhance ground water quality. The green roof also reduces environmental impact through a reduction in the urban heat island effect.

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