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Treetop dining extravaganza

Redwood tree provides fairytail setting for restaurant 10m up

by Lucy Gauntlett 13 November 2008 Interior
Approached to design an ‘off-the-wall’, yet real project as a marketing promotion for Yellow Pages, the concept of a working restaurant up in a large Redwood tree is inspired by a suspended chrysalis, in a fairy-tale environment overlooking a meadow and meandering stream on the edge of a forest.

At 10m wide and over 12m high with split-level floor sitting 10m above the ground, it is sustainably constructed from timber trusses forming the main structure and curved glue-laminated pine fins and poplar slats to give it form. Windows are created by leaving spaces between the slats/fins that keeps the overall form yet affords a variety of permability for the views and light. Access is via a 60m tree-top walkway – an adventure in itself.

The treehouse is designed to be weather resistant using acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof under the fins with roll-down café-style blinds within.

Strategic lighting creates a ‘beacon-like’ glow at night.

The Yellow Tree House Restaurant is due for completion 12th December 2008.(Refer to for up-to-date information about the treehouse construction.)

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