Cigler Marani’s Park project reaches completion

The 190,000 sqm A-Class office project, The Park, in Prague 4, has reached full completion

by Clucas 10 November 2008
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    Cigler Marani Architects oversaw the architectural concept and development from day 1 to the culmination of one of the most innovative, successful and largest office developments in the Czech Republic to date in what has become one of the most dynamic and sought-after business districts in the Czech Republic.

    The now-completed PARK office complex features 12 buildings spread over 190,000 sqm. The development enjoys high visibility thanks to its roadside location on the Prague-Budapest-Vienna highway. It is instantly recognisable by some unique architectural features including an organic ‘Datum Wall’ which creates a physical barrier between the busy highway and the office buildings. At night it is uplit by coloured spotlights, an attractive aesthetic feature.

    The Park is a prime example of the type of ecologically friendly technology that reduces a development’s carbon footprint. The working environment has been enhanced with indoor gardens, as well as extensively landscaped outdoor gardens and parks. The public parks of the PARK are the first to have been built in the Czech Republic since the first Republic.

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