Going underground...

James Forryan
Thursday 06 Nov 2008

A house built beneath another

For this new residential project, the entire back wall has been removed and the garden excavated down to create a two storey elevation of glass. Leaping across this newly terraced garden is a bridge structure housing the new kitchen. With shear walls of glass, you feel part of the new double height external garden space.

The far wall is planted with fast growing climbers which will form a new edge of this garden, this connects across void, allowing the garden to be circumnavigated at the upper ground level. This sets up numerous long vistas through the house, emphasising its large scale and establishing a strong flow of space around the perimeter of the site.

The kitchen opens directly to the living space on the upper floor, with the bedroom suites situated on the lower floor. The two floors are connected by a double height internal space. A 4m high light box in this tall space helps link the two stories and blasts light into an area away from natural light. The lower rooms are organised around a corridor of sliding walls, allowing the space to be opened or closed, dependent on mood and playing on the Japanese connections of the client.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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