Layering space

A low budget house that explores the depth of space

by James Forryan 04 November 2008
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    Constructed on a deep plot of land in snowy Aomori prefecture, this low budget project has a deep plan. This allowed for an exploration of a particular feel of transparence by making the depth of the space optically measurable through the introduction of in-between zones to separate the main spaces and cut through the space in the cross direction.The house exhibits a spatial quality that allows the experience of several other spaces beyond, extending the overall limits of the space.

    In the length from the entrance, one can see through the living room, dining room and the Japanese room into the garden behind the house. These in-between zones work as separators as well as connectors, and as part of the circulation accessing the functions in the service zone (North-side), such as the staircase to the second floor, the bathroom, storage and toilets.

    This is not a house built out of separate rooms but of spaces with transition zones, made changeable with sliding doors. Construction from simple but raw materials cut to modules of a dimension system gives homogeneity to the spaces.


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