Copper architecture in any environment

Mike Echalaz
Tuesday 04 Nov 2008

Copper sheet, supplied by international metals specialist Luvata, has met the most challenging demands for cladding a new Science Centre in the Arctic, demonstrating the flexibility of this most versatile material in any situation.

The major 8,500m2 addition to a university research building in Svalbard - located halfway between northern Norway and the North Pole where temperatures as low as -50°C are encountered - was designed by Norwegian architects Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL. An insulated copper-clad skin is wrapped around the complex spaces demanded by the brief, creating an outer shell adjusted to the flows of wind and snow passing through the site. Copper also forms a key part of the restrained palette of internal materials.

In addition to the ‘mill finish’ copper used on this impressive building, Luvata offers the unique Nordic Green PLUS™ Prepatinated copper – in three alternative finishes - that gives straightaway a green patina essentially the same as that formed over many years exposure, also available in coils for long-strip work. Similarly, Nordic Brown™ gives the dark brown oxidisation to both faces that otherwise takes time to develop in the environment. Most recent additions to the range are Nordic Royal™, a copper based alloy with a long-lasting golden colour and Nordic Decor™, a textured, rolled surface. Luvata also offers an extensive range of architectural roofing and façade systems and components: click here to find out more.

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