Beach house in Kent

James Forryan
Monday 27 Oct 2008

Simon Conder Associates' new residential project offers 360° views

El Ray is a new, two bedroom, family house on Dungeness Beach in Kent.

The new house incorporates a 19th century railway carriage that formed the core of the original, much smaller house. This forms the centrepoint of the main living area and accommodates the kitchen.

A fully glazed south elevation gives views out over the English Channel and a series of smaller slot windows on the other elevations give focused views of the adjacent lighthouse, coastguard station and nuclear power station.

The sloping roof deck acts as an observation platform with extraordinary 360 degree views of the beach and the sea. The plan also incorporates two courtyards to provide shelter from the constant wind.

Environmental control is achieved through a combination of super insulation, passive solar gain, cross ventilation and a wind turbine.

Key Facts:

United Kingdom

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