Affordable housing for Grande Prairie

Newly opened Hearthstone displays 'exuberant modesty'

by Manasc Isaac 21 October 2008
This 40-unit project brings much needed affordable housing to a city facing tremendous growth pressures. The building demonstrates thought and care in how it responds to the needs for appropriate barrier-free housing, accommodation that builds dignity and self-esteem and a safe environment for those undergoing life transitions.

The environmental initiatives in the project did not have to be compromised by the small budget. Rather, affordability and sustainability inform the design together. Sustainable measures include reduced energy consumption through the use of high efficiency heating system, building orientation to maximize daylight while shielding from solar gain and glare, optimal insulation, low-flow fixtures and the use of locally sourced and recycled materials.

This building demonstrates that good design does not have to cost more. “Because our designer, Alejandro Perez, so thoroughly worked through several challenges, we have a building that appears to contain more than the budget allowed,” said Architect Myron Nebozuk. “The overall result is a building with an exuberant modesty that fits in well with its neighbourhood. The real winners are the residents.”


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