More fatalities at Delhi Metro site

An under construction flyover has collapsed in Delhi leading to the deaths of at least two people and many injuries

by Laura Salmi 20 October 2008
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    The fatal accident occurred on Sunday at the construction site of the Delhi Metro Rail, the city's new metro rail system. Workers were lifting heavy concrete slabs for the bridge when the crane collapsed and a 150-metre concrete section crashed down on to the oncoming traffic damaging one bus, one truck and several private cars.

    A spokesperson for the the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation said that the accident was caused by a technical fault in the machinery being used. This is not the first case of mechanical failure since Phase 2 of the extension of the Delhi Metro began: between august 2007 and today a total of five accidents have lead to four confirmed deaths and more injuries.

    Advertised as a “Quick, effective, modern railbased transport system for Delhi”, the new metro rail system is the pride of the capital. The extension of the metro system is taking place in different areas and completion is set for 2010, the year in which the city will host the Commonwealth Games. Phase 1 of the Delhi Metro was completed in over 6 years laying 65 km of tracks and Phase 2 started in 2006 aiming to complete 122 km of track in a mere three and a half years.

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