Jewellery shop as gallery

A ‘jewel box’ opens in Copenhagen

by sharon mchugh 16 October 2008 Interior
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    Leading Scandinavian practice Schmidt Hammer Lassen has designed a small retail shop in Copenhagen for the Goldsmith's Bodil Binner. The architects approach was to create a gallery-like retail space with visual links between manufacturing and exhibition space so that customers could observe the creative process behind the making of each piece.

    The small interior project takes place on two floors. At the basement level is a sleek, futuristic workshop where the jewellery is crafted. Overlooking this space and floating above on the mezzanine level is the retail area showcasing the goldsmith’s latest collection. The architects have given the space a modern feel using a palette of materials that are starkly minimalist. The walls, floors and ceilings are painted white throughout the space. Simple, raw painted concrete and wood surfaces are contrasted against the smooth finish of the exhibition wall, finished in marble plaster, which runs throughout the entire shop.

    Sharon McHugh
    International Correspondent


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