Taste of the earth

Vineyard house interacts with its environment

by Niki May Young 07 October 2008
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    It explores the relationship between the controlled order of the vineyard and the natural disorder of the land. Stabilised rammed earth walls arranged along the house's spine shape circulation through the house and anchor it to the ridge of the hill. These are juxtaposed with fine timber elements repeated in windows and joinery, reflecting the rhythm of the vine rows.

    Hill House exists in harmony with its environment. It comprises minimum embodied energy, employing earth walls, timber window frames, recycled flooring and plantation timber framing. It requires minimum heating and cooling, employing passive solar techniques such as a northern orientation, bulk insulation, significant thermal mass and tinted double glazing. And it demands minimum energy, a heat pump heating the water, and a photovoltaic array providing the power.


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